Dóra KokasHUN

Katalin Kokas about Dóra Kokas:

“We have been making music together since she was four. We have been playing chamber music ever since she played her first note on her cello. Barnabás and I have been taking her with us everywhere from the beginning, and because of the 14 years of age difference between us, we have always had something of a mother-daughter relationship. She was barely 16 when she was winning international competitions as a member of our quartet. She is one of the most sensitive musicians I have ever met. She quit the quartet to walk her own path, but to this day we play a lot of music together, whenever we can. Her emotions are incredibly powerful and she is untameable in the best sense of the word. She was nine when we wanted to introduce her to the world-famous cellist, Steven Isserlis at the Prussia Cove Festival, but she took one look at him, stuck out her tongue and ran away. By the way she did the same with Barnabás at the age of three, when they first met. She is my best friend.”