The result of the competition:

In the first age group, according to the jury's decision, all participants were rewarded equally, because they are very young and the jury wants inspire them by giving a single 250 euro prize. 
1st age group 2nd age group 3rd age group 4th age group 5th age group
Teo Gertler – 250 euros Amira Abouzahra – 700 euros (1st prize)       Sára Kovács – 600 euros (1st prize)                  Karls Lorenz - 900 euros (1st Prize)                 Kristóf Tóth – 1000 euros  (1st prize)                     
Gáspár Kelemen – 250 euros                               Dániel Hodos – 600 euros (2nd prize)     Julianna Gaál – 600 euros (1st prize)                           Joshua June-Suh Kim – 800 euros (2nd prize)  Sory Park -900 euros         (2nd Prize)                        
Lili Júlia Kovács  – 250 euros                                    Andreas Gencyilmaz – 500 euros (3rd prize)  Zoltán Kiss – 500 euros (2nd prize)                   Gawon Kim - 700 euros (3rd prize)                    Minji Lee – 800 euros       (3rd prize)                         
Friderika Stejer  – 250 euros                                   Yehia Abdelhaffez – 400 euros (3rd prize)                     
Noémi Vass – 250 euros    
Mariam Abouzahra – 250 euros                                    


Special prizes: 15.000 HUF 

Purchase voucher from Rose Music Store and Instrume and Pál Rácz Gold-laurate Violinmaker Master

  2nd age group   4th age group 5th age group
  Zsolt Kevin Burai   Ernő Olah Eszter Gaál
  Lana Herasymenko   Youjeong Yang Violetta Haraszti
  Amelia Molokova     Péter Karácsonyi
  Flóra Valéria Nagy     Csongor Korossy-Khayll
  Lili Petra Szabó     Daniel Leenders
  Edmond Török     Zoltán Schwartz
  Lilla Verriez      
Barnabás Kelemen free attendance on his 2017/2018 agenda’s master courseorganized at Montepulciano, IT Dániel Hodos
Festival Academy Budapest 2018, Performing opportunities at the festival and full attendance on the Halász course and the complete Festival Academy Kristóf Tóth

Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra  for Kristóf Tóth concert invitation in the season 2017/2018.

Ferenc Liszt Chamber Orchestra for Gerthler Teo, Gáspár Kelemen, Dániel Hodos, Karl Lorenz concert invitation in the season 2018/2019.

June 10-14, 2017

Venue: Jenő Ádám Music School of Ferencváros

Registration: 9 June at the Jenő Ádám Music School 8:00-16:00

(1092 Budapest, Köztelek utca 8.)   

Opening ceremony and draw: 10 June 9:30 AM

Competition begining at 10 AM

For those who requested piano accompanist from the Festival Academy, there will be possibility to rehears 45 minutes for the age group I., II., III., and two times 30 minutes (one of it for those who goes for the second round)  for IV., V. age group. We will make a schedule for this on 9th June afternoon. Please, bring the piano part too with you!

 Before the competition in the morning hours you can make an acoustic test 5-10 minutes and we will provide rooms for practising. We will make the order for you.

During the competition we can provide for you classrooms for practising, you just need to register yourself at the registration.

 There will be 2-2 masterclasses for the students, Hungarian folk music, and gipsy music divided for two groups I.,II., III, and IV., V. together.

Here it is its schedule:

10 June 14-15:30 Sárközy Lajos (gipsy music)

11 June 14-15:30 Pál István Szalonna (Hungarian folk music)

12 June 17-18:30 Sárközy Lajos (gipsy music)

14 June 14-15:30 Pál István Szalonna (Hungarian folk music)

If you requested lunch meal, you can pay it at your registration.

Jury members of the preselection process:

Erika Petőfi, department head of the violin department at Béla Bartók Secondary Music School, Budapest, Hungary

István Kertész, violin teacher and ex-head of the violin deparment at the Liszt Academy; founder and first violinist of the Festetics string quartet

Vilmos Oláh, concert master of the Hungarian Radio's Symphonic Orchestra in Budapest, Hungary and of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Siam in Thailand; first violinist of the Auer string quartet

Jury Members of the International Competition:

Shlomo Mintz – USA/Israel, President of the Jury. Former jury member of such competitions, like the following:

  • Queen Elisabeth Violin Competition of Brussels (1993, 2001)
  • Tchaikovsky Competition, Moscow (2003)
  • Henryk Wieniawski International Violin Competition, Poland (2001, President of the Jury)
  • International Violin Competition of Sion Valais, Switzerland (2002-2011, President of the Jury)

Hyuna Kim – Korea

Mimi Zweig – USA

Katalin Sebestyén – Hungary

László Dénes – Hungary

Éva Ácsné Szily – Hungary

and further concert masters of international chamber orchestras.

Deadlines and requirements:

You are welcome to apply for the competition till the 30th of April, 2017:


• Documents/files required to be sent together with the application: 2 videos showing the applicant playing 2 different pieces differing in character*, chosen by the applicant; a short biography and a reference written by the teacher of the student. *Please note the 2 pieces played on the application videos cannot be performed again on the competition.

Update: one piece from the application video can be played on the competition along with the mandatory piece, as one freely chosen piece

• Application fee shall be paid via bank transfer till the 30th of April 2017.

• Age limit for the potential applicants: 8-18 years of age. The young talents will be able to show their talents divided into 5 different age groups.

• Confirmations will be sent by the 8th of May, 2017.


How to apply:

1. Make a video recording of the Applicant performing two pieces of different characters choosen by the Applicant upload it on YouTube and copy the link to the application form. 

2. Fill in the online application form and upload required appendixes (short biography,  photo, letter or reference by teacher/tutor, statement)

3. Complete a bank transfer payment of application fee. 



Application fee:

  • 1st-3rd age group: 50€
  • 4th-5th age group: 75€

Age groups:


children born on or after June 15th, 2006

(10 years old or younger)


children born between June 14th, 2006 and June 15th, 2004

(11-12 years old)


teenagers born between June 14th, 2004 and June 15th, 2002

(13-14 years old)


teenagers born between June 14th, 2002 and June 15th, 2000

(15-16 years old)


teenagers born between June 14th, 2000 and June 15th, 1998

(17-18 years old)


Programme of the Competition:

1st Age Group:

3 freely chosen pieces from
Béla Bartók's: For Children
teaching pieces


a max. 6-minute piece
chosen by the performer

2nd Age Group:

3 pieces from Zoltán Kodály's: Epigrams series


a max. 8-minute piece
chosen by the performer

3rd Age Group:

J. S. Bach – Zoltán Kodály:
Lute Prelude


a min. 6-, but max. 8-minute piece chosen by the performer​

4th Age Group:

1st round:

Recommended piece:

1 freely chosen full solo fantasia from Telemann's:
12 Solo Fantasias


1 freely chosen piece min 4 - max 8 minute


a max. 4-minute Wieniawski etude chosen by the performer 

a max. 4-minute Paganini capriccio,

also chosen by the performer


a max. 4-minute piece,
also chosen by the performer

2nd round:

Required piece:

Zoltán Kodály's: Kállai Double Dance



a min. 8-, but max. 12-minute performance piece
chosen by the performer 


a min. 8-, but max. 12-minute
corner movement of a concerto

5th Age Group: 

1st round:

two freely chosen, but different in style movements or a fugue from any of
J. S. Bach's solo sonatas or partitas (together max. 10 minutes​)


a max. 4-minute Wieniawski etude chosen by the performer 


a max. 4-minute Paganini capriccio,
also chosen by the performer


a max. 4-minute piece,

also chosen by the performer

2nd round:

Required piece:

Zoltán Kodály's: Adagio 


a min. 8-, but max. 15-minute performance piece
chosen by the performer 



the Zoltán Kodály – József Szigeti: Intermezzo 

a min. 8-, but max. 15-minute
corner movement of a concerto


one of the movements from Zoltán Kodály's: Duo for Violin and Cello, op. 7. (played with one of the cellists of Festival Academ​y 2017​)

Agenda of the Competition

June 10, 2017 Saturday


1st Age Group

5th Age Group 1st round

June 11th, 2017 Sunday


2nd Age Group

4th Age Group 1st round

June 12, 2017 Monday


3rd Age Group


June 13, 2017 Tuesday


5th Age Group 2nd round (finals)

June 14, 2017 Wednesday


4th Age Group 2nd round (finals)

Gala Concert 19:00 Old Academy of Music


Prizes 3rd prize 2nd prize 1st prize
1st Age Group 400 € 500 € 600 €
2nd Age Group 500 € 600 € 700 €
3rd Age Group 600 € 700 € 800 €
4th Age Group 700 € 800 € 900 €
5th Age Group 800 € 900 € 1 000 €

Prizes and their donators: 

Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra

Barnabás Kelemen violinist, free attendance on his 2017/2018 agenda's master course organized at Montepulciano, IT

Ferenc Liszt Chamber Orchestra

Festival Academy Budapest 2017, performing opportunities at the festival and full attendance on the Halász course

 Music Store and Instrument Workhop 

Zoltán Mága

Pál Rácz

(The list is not final, it is being updated continuously, as the offers come in.)




We are very thankful to the Jenő Ádám Music Schoolthe Local Government of the 9th district and to the Inner-Pest School District for letting us use the beautiful building of the music school for an entire week!