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What is a masterclass good for? You receive guidance from the greatest of the great in your personal progress, you can get the knack of their prowess, become familiar with their professional attitudes. With the help of your mentors, you can immerse in the secrets of the composition on the table. A chamber music masterclass teaches you how to cooperate: you can make friends with fellow-musicians from all over the world and perhaps find your future chamber music partners. As the reward of your conscientious and hard work, you can take to the stage alongside your favourite maestros and maestras at the Festival Academy. The following artists give one-to-one masterclasses during the festival

David Geringas, Lithuanian cellist, former student of Mstislav Rostropovich

Wilfried Strehle, German violists, solo viola player of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra between 1983 and 2013

Rinat Ibragimov, Russian double bass player, former solo player of the London Symphony Orchestra, professor of Guildhall Music School

Eszter Perényi, former head of the String Department of Liszt Academy

The following artists give chamber music masterclasses during the festival:

VIOLIN: Shlomo Mintz (ISR/USA), Katalin Kokas (HUN), Barnabás Kelemen (HUN), Mónika Tóth (HUN)

VIOLA: Maxim Rysanov (UKR), Lars Anders Tomter (NOR), Razvan Popovici (ROM)

CELLO: Maximilian Hornung (GER), Enrico Bronzi (ITA)

DOUBLE BASS: Rinat Ibragimov (RUS)

PIANO: José Gallardo (ARG), Dejan Lazić (HRV), Balog József (HUN)

SINGING: Ágnes Kovács (HUN)

Participation at the masterclasses entitles you to visit all programs of Festival Academy Budapest. The course fee encompasses the students’ opportunity to form chamber music groups and to take to the stage alongside the artists of the Festival Academy.  

Masterclass fees: € 200 (2x45 min), € 350 (David Geringas)

Passive attendance (for the whole week): € 50

Passive attendance (for one day): € 10  

How can you apply? Ask for two letters of reference, write a short CV, make a video with two freely chosen pieces in your performance! Transfer the application fee! Download the application form, fill it out and send it to festivalacademybp@gmail.com!

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