Jenő Hubay Violin Competition

The Jenő Hubay Violin Competition was established in 2020 by Katalin Kokas and Barnabás Kelemen for the youngest generation of Central-Eastern European violinists under 20 years of age. The competition is open for applicants from Hungary’s neighbouring countries and the „Visegrád Four”. The competition, organized in four age groups has one round for age group 1, two rounds for the others. Highly prestigious violinists or violin teachers will serve on the jury of each country of our region (Hungary will be represented by Eszter Perényi, professor emeritus of the Liszt Academy); the legendary Austrian violinist Boris Kuschnir, professor of the Conservatory of Vienna and the Music Academy of Graz will act as president of the jury. This contest is the gateway to the Ilona Fehér International Violin Competition, which takes place every two years. 
The finalists of the Hubay Competition are automatically inivited to the International Ilona Fehér Violin Competition. The Jenő Hubay Competition is a joint endeavour with the Béla Bartók Music Institute of the University of Miskolc.

Date:  December, 2021
Venues: Palace of Music, Miskolc
Total Prize Money: 8500 €


President of the Jury: Boris Kuschnir (AUT)

The list of the  jury members will be announced on the 30th April, 2021.


Application Fee: 

AGE GROUP 1: € 15 (5500 HUF)
AGE GROUP 2: € 15 (5500 HUF)
AGE GROUP 3: € 25 (8500 HUF) 
AGE GROUP 4: € 15 (8500 HUF)