Maxim RysanovUKR

Katalin Kokas about Maxim Rysanov:

“They already knew each other with Barnabás when I met him for the first time in Kaposvár, back in the day. There stood in front of me this really “cool,” unattainable, big-shot star musician wearing sunglasses. Then this magical violist was collecting firewood for everybody and he was making bonfire along the coast of Lake Deseda. He has a huge soul, full of the spacious romanticism of the Russian steppe, but still plays with impressive composure even in the most passionate moments. His motto is – nomen est omen – maximalism. Not only as a viola player but also as a teacher and a conductor. Zoltán Kocsis wanted to record Bartók’s Viola Concerto with him for the Bartók New Series complete edition. He works on the musical pieces with mind-blowing meticulousness and fanaticism, step by step, and he has the same attitude towards everything he comes into contact with. He has a collection of chin rests for his instruments, up to 60 pieces: 57 don’t completely suit him, 3 are OK. He doesn’t rest until he finds the one, and amazingly, he has already found it in his personal life: my sister. I am not unbiased about him, because he is part of my family.”