Contemporary Hungarian Violin Makers Exhibition

2019. July 26.10:00 - 22:00

Liszt Academy, I. room

When making a violin, as when making fine wine, one must pay great attention to detail and with the help of experience, humility and reverence, one can begin choosing the right materials to create a unique and harmonious sound. Each exhibited instrument is handcrafted, reflecting the integrity and dedication to quality and detail. The master craftsman is committed to bringing the senses to a plateau of perfection when hearing each instrument played.


Exhibitors: Iván Adonyi, Szabolcs Bárdi, Etzler Bernd, Márton Faragó-Thököly, Gergely Ficsor, Balázs Gollob, János Héjja, Bence Holló, László Lakatos, András Nagy