Concert No. 2

2022. July 16. 19:30

BMC Concert Hall

The relationship between music and literature has been an essential focus of the programmes of Festival Academy Budapest right from the start. Following the fanfare-like opening piece of the 2nd concert, the Kossuth and Jászai-winning thespian and director, leader of the József Katona Theatre, Gábor Máté and the cymbalom player Miklós Lukács (co-winner of the Aegon Prize alongside Péter Esterházy) will guide us to Péter Esterházy’s universe with the performance “Esterházy Fragments”. The ensemble consisting of the performers of the festival will present themselves in a uniquely-scored composition: In Shostokovics’ Piano Concerto No 1, besides the piano solo played by József Balog, also the trumpet receives a soloist role, interpreted by the legendary Sergei Nakariakov.