József BalogHUN

Katalin Kokas about József Balog:

“It is not only us who think that he is one of the most extraordinary pianists of his generation, but Zoltán Kocsis was of the same opinion. Playing with him is a fantastic experience because he has very high standards, an incredible work ethic, and there is great perseverance and soul behind every note he plays. For him, every performance, however small, is of equal importance: no matter if he performs in a small country town or in a concert hall of international renown, he gets ready with the same degree of concentration, and always sees everything to the end. In music, he is a true omnivore. He has rarely played Baroque works in his repertoire alongside contemporary pieces that are only played by a handful of pianists in the world, and we have taken part in numerous premiers of contemporary music together. On top of all of this, he is an eternally kind, family-oriented man, with whom one can have a pleasant conversation with a cup of coffee or tea.”