V. Ilona Fehér International Violin Competition

The Ilona Fehér International Violin Competition, for violinists under 22, was founded in 2017 by leading Hungarian violinists Katalin Kokas and Barnabás Kelemen. The contestants are judged by an international jury comprising famous violinists and music educators.

Date:  4- 14 July, 2024
Total Prize Money: 10.000 €

End of the registration: 20 April 2024

Age groups

Age group 1: Under 15
Age group 2: 15-22 years old

Application fee

Age group 1: 150 €
Age group 2: 200 €

The Jury 2024:


President of the Jury:

Shlomo Mintz (ISR)

Jury members:

The winners in 2022 are:

Winners of age group I:

1st place: Gáspár Kelemen

2nd place (shared): Laura Berec and Inés Maro Burgos Babakhanian

3rd place: Diana Chausheva

Winners of age group II: 

1st place: Daniil Bulayev

2nd Place: Marley Erickson

3rd place: Sasha Parker