Violin competition for the youngest generation of violinists

The Ilona Fehér International Violin Competition dedicated for the youngest generation of violinists, those who have not yet turned 19. The competitors are evaluated by an international jury consisting of renowned violinists and music educators, which has been chaired from the start by one of Ilona Fehér’s one-time students, the legendary Shlomo Mintz. Inherent parts of the Ilona Fehér International Violin Competition is the masterclasses delivered by the members of the Jury as well as Festival Academy Budapest, an international chamber music festival whose artistic directors are Katalin Kokas and Barnabás Kelemen.  All contestants are most welcome to attend the rehearsals and concerts of the Festival. The competition has therefore twofold purpose: to create an opportunity for young violinist to show their talent to the world and to give them the chance to learn about this art at the masterclasses and more broadly speaking, from the chamber recitals of the celebrities of the music world. As already the name of the competition implies, its founders also had a third purpose in mind, which they described with the followings words:

„If you consider the extraordinarily rich and colourful violin tradition which is represented by performers such as József Joachim, Carl Flesch, Ede Reményi, Lipót Auer, Jenő Hubay and many other music legends, – among them also Ilona Fehér -, and if you take glimpse at various violin schools all over the world – from Israel to Russia and to Hungary, you may be able to grasp what a challenge and a source of pleasure the past means to us, which we proudly preserve and pass on to future generations.”

The jury of the competition:

  • The president of the jury:
  • Shlomo Mintz (USA/Izrael)


  • Members:
  • Cihat Aşkın (TUR)
  • Herbert Greenberg (USA)
  • Qian Zhou (Kína)
  • Lutsia Ibragimova (Oroszország)
  • Eszter Perényi (HUN)
  • Éva Ácsné Szily (HUN)


  • Members of the pre-selection jury:
  • Alexandre Dimcevski (FRO)
  • Erika Petőfi (HUN)
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