Respire #5 - Reich, Mozart, Liszt

2020. August 22. 18:00 - 19:00

Liszt Academy, Grand Hall

Ticket price: 1000 HUF

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Mozart: Sonata for Violin and Piano in E minor, K. 304
Katalin Kokas (violin)
Tamás Érdi (piano)
Ben Wahlund: The Whimsical Nature of Small Particle Physics
Szabolcs Joó (percussion, electronics)
Károly Eperjes
Nocturne in C-sharp minor, op. posth.
Tamás Vásáry (piano)
Liszt: Les Préludes (Szathmáry Zsigmond négykezes orgonaátirata)
László Fassang (organ)
Balázs Szabó (organ)

Two percussion compositions written in the 20th century, a poignantly beautiful violin sonata by Mozart and Liszt’s monumental tone poem re-arranged for organ four hands will be featured at the fifth concert of Festival Academy Budapest. Steve Reich builds up his piece written for two clappers –this time by Szabolcs Joó, percussion professor at the Liszt Academy and Barnabás Kelemen - based on a single rhythm pattern. Mozart’s Violin Sonata in E minor was composed when Mozart lost his mother in Paris. It is without the shadow of a doubt that Katalin Kokas and Tamás Érdi will draw out an incredible range of emotions from the piece. Liszt’s tone poem played by two organ professors of the Liszt Academy, László Fassang and Balázs Szabó in a four-hands version transcribed for the organ, encompasses the entire scope of life from birth to death.

With consideration of the pandemic crisis, the number of concert tickets is limited so that the appropriate distance between the seats can be maintained.