Shlomo Mintz


Katalin Kokas about Shlomo Mintz:

„If there is someone in the musical world who needs no introduction, it is the legendary Shlomo Mintz (former student of Ilona Fehér). One could make a long list with all his awards, with the great musicians, conductors, orchestras he worked with. For us, it is much more important, that he is an old friend of our family. He is the one who gave Barnabás the first model aeroplane of his life; modelling and the passion for aeroplanes played a dominant role in Barnabás’s childhood (he doesn’t have time for them anymore, but he has a lot to thank for all the time spent tinkering with miniature gadgets). Shlomo is a true violin giant, of the genius type. He is an unbelievably sweet man, although some may not know that side of him. I remember one time he visited us and he was adjusting both of our violins for quite a long time (a Stradivari and a Gagliano), so that the cork under the chin rest should sit perfectly on the wood because it would affect the sound of the violin”