Chamber music masterclasses

Join the masterclasses at the Festival Academy!

Festival Academy 2018 in Budapest announces its international masterclasses for students between the ages of 18 and 29 who study violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano, flute, oboe, bassoon, trumpet and singing (in the case of singers the age limit is 35). Like last year, the focus is on chamber music again. The selected players will be divided into groups and each formation will work with the performing artists of the festival (see the list below) on a large‑scale chamber piece. The outcome of their work will be presented at a matinee concert titled “Master and student.”

Violin: Barnabás Kelemen, Katalin Kokas, Natalia Lomeiko, Yuri Zhislin, Attila Ökrös, Alexandre Dimcevski, Dmitry Smirnov (baroque)
Viola: Razvan Popovici, Yuri Zhislin
Cello: Danjulo Ishizaka, Natalie Clein, László Fenyő, Jan-Erik Gustafsson
Double bass: Zsolt Fejérvári
Piano: József Balog, José Gallardo, Diana Ketler
Flute: Gergely Ittzés
Oboe: Philippe Tondre
Bassoon: György Lakatos
Trumpet: Balázs Nemes
Vocal: Lilla Horti

We accept applications for individual masterclasses as well. Based on the application recordings, the artists will choose the players for their individual masterclasses. The fee for the chamber music masterclasses is 400 Euros. The fee for individual masterclasses includes an additional 65 Euros for each 45-minute session with the teacher.

Apply as soon as You can and You'll get a confirmation in one week in case of a 100% acceptance for the best value of Your travel and accommodation costs!

Final application deadline: 24th June 2018 unless we reach the limit of students before. Chamber music repertoire will be announced to all students until the 30th June.

Application by filling in the online application form and uploading the following documents:

  • name
  • place and date of birth
  • short biography 
  • YouTube links of two videos (two, at least 5-minute long videos of the applicant playing two different style pieces)
  • phone number 
  • e-mail address 
  • 1 photo in printable quality
  • the name of the teacher chosen by the applicant (in the case of an application for an individual masterclass)
  • invoicing details (name, address)

Date of the masterclasses: 23-29 July 2018

Students participating in masterclasses will be able to attend any concert, lecture, rehearsal or dress rehearsal by registering beforehand.


The Festival Academy announces 25, 50 or 75% discounts from the chamber music tuition fees as scholarships for the students depending on their requests and on their application videos.

Costs of the chamber music tuitions: €400

Costs of the 45 minutes individual lessons: €65

These fees give students the possibility to attend all events of the Festival Academy (registrations to Europa Boat evening is needed prior to event)

The accepted application becomes final when the participant has transferred the fee, which he/she commits him/herself to participating in the Festival Academy between 23 and 29 July 2018.

The fee has to transfer to the bank account of Festival Academy until 15 May 2018, after our feedback.

Details for bank transfer

Account holder:
Fesztiválakadémia Nonprofit Kft.

Account number:
MKB-Magyar Külkereskedelmi Bank

Bank Address:
1051 Budapest, Hercegprímás utca 10.

HU92 1030 0002 1065 3465 4882 0019


In comment, please type: „Masterclass” and the Applicant’s name 

During the masterclasses, we provide low cost accommodation for 52 people. Please see the prices below.

Please note your request for accommodation in the application form.


We can accept the low cost accommodation request until 10 May 2018 and in case of cancellation of the students the fee is not refundable after 20 May 2018

Confirmation on the requested room types, along with their competition program, will be asked from the selected competitors by 1 May.

Payment of the accommodation fee has to be transferred by 15 May 2018.


Visit Hostel, 1114 Budapest, Vásárhelyi Pál utca 2.

We can provide low cost meals during the Festival/Masterclasses. Details are coming soon.

We welcome audience members as well.

Please state your interest in participating as an audience member at with the subject title “Masterclass audience” until 8 June.

The fee is 10 000 Forints which has to be transferred to the following bank account by 8 June at the latest.

As a member of the audience, you will be able to attend any event at the Festival Academy.

(Except for the concert on the Európa Boat on 26 July.)

Fesztiválakadémia Nonprofit Kft.
Bank account:
MKB Bank Zrt 10300002-10653465-49020016